Centre serves notice to Greenpeace; NGO responds to ‘leaked’ IB report

Centre serves notice to Greenpeace; NGO responds to ‘leaked’ IB report

Greenpeace responds to various accusations and the 'leaked' IB Report that alleges it and other NGOs in the country for receiving foreign donations to hamper India's economic growth.A report claiming to be the original IB Report was leaked online yesterday night.
New Delhi: The ministry of home affairs has issued a show cause notice to International NGO Greenpeace asking why its permission to get foreign funding under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010 (FCRA) should not be withdrawn. Around ten more NGO's could receive similar notices inside a week.
An IB report was leaked online passed night claiming to be the original one.
Talking to Daily Bhaskar over phone Divya Raghunandan, Program Director and website-in charge for Greenpeace said, "the response published by us caters to various allegations and canards levelled against us in the past few days, since the day IB report is making news. With this, we are striving to educate our 3 milion supporters about the real truth."
However, Raghunandan also stated that the repsonse filed from NGO's side shouldn't be treated as a rejoinder to the 'leaked' IB report, whose veracity is still not established, but to the various allegations raised against them for past some days.
Greenpeace response to leaked IB report
"We wrote to the MHA requesting to see a copy of the official IB report but so far have not recieved it. Last night a report claiming to be the IB report was leaked on a web portal and based on that version Greenpeace is happy to give our response, you can read our response here. We are accountable to more than 3 million Indian supporters and they need to know what the truth is. If IB approaches us officially with either the report or questions related to the report we will be happy to engage with them"....
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