'I am not gay, Veena Malik was pregnant with my child', says Prashant Pratap Singh

'I am not gay, Veena Malik was pregnant with my child', says Prashant Pratap Singh

Pakistani actress Veena Malik is a newly married woman now but there is a twist in the story before she can enjoy a blissful married life.
Veena Malik’s alleged ex-boyfriend Prashant Pratap Singh has claimed that she was pregnant with her child. After learning of her marriage in Dubai, Prashant had filed a report in a Mumbai police station against Veena Malik for receiving threatening calls from the actor.
According to Prashant, Veena threatened him to not divulge anything about their live-in relationship to the media else she will file molestation and rape charges against him.  
Veena had instead called Prashant a gay staffer who worked for her in her digital arm at a mere salary of Rs 10,000.
Learning of Veena’s sudden marriage, the jilted lover revealed, "She was pregnant with my child in 2012. We discovered about the pregnancy on May 10 when we shifted to Royal Palms. She was very keen on having the baby but we were not ready for it. I had filed for a divorce then from my first wife. After attending the mahurat of her Kannada film Dirty Picture: Silk Sakkath Maga, we decided to terminate the pregnancy."
Prashant further elaborated, "Veena seduced me while we were shooting a viral campaign and that was our first meeting. On the same night, we had sex. In fact she kept the Karwa Chauth vrat for me that she even tweeted. I know intimate things about her that her current husband Asad can confirm. I have even caught her cheating on me at least three times". 
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