CO2 kills 52-year old at Samsung plant

Samsung, the company which about a few hours ago launched its latest flagship in India, is again in news for a bad news. One of workers at Samsung factory has been killed by carbon di oxide (CO2).


According to a news report of a Korean news agency Yonhap News (via Engadget), reports that a malfunction in the factory's fire extinguishing system caused release of CO2 after it mistakenly detected fire. This resulted in asphyxiation of a 52-year-old worked working at the factory.


The event again raises safety concerns about the working condition at the smartphone leader’s plant.


The report at Engadget says that Samsung has confirmed the accident and has said that it will work to prevent similar incidents from happening again. 


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[Image: The headquarters(Digital City) of Samsung Electronics in Paldal-gu, Suwon, South Korea; Image source: Wikipedia]


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